April 4, 2022

USA, Canada

Mayekawa named as one of the Top Poultry and Meat Process Solutions Providers

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We are incredibly honored to be recognized as one of the Top 10 Poultry and Meat Process Solutions Providers by the Food and Beverage Technology Review.

Top 10 Poultry and Meat Processing Solutions Providers 2022 Awarded by Food & Beverage Technology Review.
Mayekawa is awarded for our state-of-the-art deboning machines.

Their Poultry and Meat Processing 2022 edition celebrates businesses and innovative technologies that help the poultry and meat industry meet challenges now and in the future. Such as the growing demand for boneless products, labor shortage, and meeting sanitation requirements in the post-pandemic era.

Mayekawa has been introducing robotic products to help our clients improve capacity, performance efficiency, and safety for both their employees and customers. Our journey to develop a fully automated deboning machine started with "TORIDAS", the automated chicken whole leg deboning machine. In 2019, we delivered our 2000th TORIDAS, making it one of the most preferred deboning machines in the world.

Inspired by our vision for a new world, we thrive to revolutionize the industry with our inventions. Rather than relying on third-party manufacturers, Mayekawa engineers developed most of the technologies employed by our products. Including the vision system that detects the ankle position to ensure the industry-leading yield percentage, the loading system that picks up the whole chicken legs with robotic arms, also programming these machines by ourselves.

We wouldn't be where we are today without our amazing clients and colleagues. Thank you for your continuous support and congratulations to all of the 2022 Top Poultry and Meat Process Solutions Providers!

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