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Under the MYCOM brand, Mayekawa’s compressors are used worldwide in industrial refrigeration and freezing, heat pumps, and gas markets. Our compressors leverage thermal technology developed through years of experience to consistently provide high quality. We also offer a full lineup of environmentally-friendly compressors that use natural refrigerants. We have received high evaluations for gas compressors through our experience with helium, hydrogen, water vapor, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide (excluding oxygen and acetylene), and other gases in dealing with resource- and energy-related problems. MYCOM compressors are highly trusted, having been used globally for over 70 years.


Capacity range

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Newly designed compressor achieving high performance next-generation standard for industrial applications

mycom J-series screw compressor


  • Newly designed, high-performance, single-stage series (9models)
  • High performance achieved through the adoption of a new type of rotor tooth
  • Compatible with natural (ammonia, CO2, propane) and fluorocarbon refrigerants
  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Stepless capacity control from 100 to 25% range
  • Auto variable vi mechanism (from 2.5 to 5.0 range) to efficiently cover wide temperature range
  • Supports flange motors to facilitate design of packaged systems

* The 280J has no built-in check valve and does not support flange motors.


Screw compressor that can handle various refrigerants while covering both small and large capacity ranges

mycom UD-series screw compressor


  • A lineup of high-capacity compressors with a displacement of up to 9,180CFM at 3550rpm (15,600m³/h at 2950rpm)
  • Operates over a wide range of temperature and serves in industrial refrigeration applications
  • Compatible with natural (ammonia, propane) and fluorocarbon refrigerants
  • Proven 4:6 rotor configuration


A high performance, long selling series suitable for a wide range of applications

mycom SCV-series screw compressor


  • Available in 13models, the SCV series covers a wide displacement range from244 to 2790CFM at 3550rpm (415 to 4740m³/h at 2950rpm)
  • Variable vi mechanism (from 2.63 to 5.80range) to efficiently cover wide temperature range
  • Operates over a wide range of temperature and serves in industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications
  • Compatible with natural (ammonia, propane) and fluorocarbon refrigerants
  • Proven 4:6 rotor configuration


Small compressor with high reliability

mycom I-series screw compressor


  • Facilitates design of packaged systems
  • New design eliminates a need of oil pump
  • Using a flange motor, the small-footprint compressor can be installed in a confined space
  • Designed to facilitate the replacement of consumables

Compound two-stage

Capacity range

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Highly-efficient compound compressor with No.1 track record in low temperature applications

mycom C-series screw compressor


  • Single machine two-stage compression to efficiently cover low temperature range
  • Covering a wide displacement range 294 to 5709CFM at 3550rpm (415 to 9,700m³/h at 2950rpm)
  • Operational with one motor and oil separator based on a MYCOM original design
  • Proven 4:6 rotor configuration


A small-sized, two-stage series for low-temperature applications

mycom MHS-series screw compressor


  • The water-cooled semi-hermetic motor, as well as MYCOM unique rotor design featuring different diameters, enables high efficiency
  • A simple, compact package made possible with an integrated semi-hermetic motor and oil separator design
  • Low vibration and low noise

For parts replacement and repair of MYCOM compressor, only use MYCOM OEM parts

Owners are cautioned to ensure that the only MYCOM OEM parts are used when carrying out overhauls or repairs on MYCOM compressors.

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