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Under the MYCOM brand, Mayekawa’s compressors are used worldwide in industrial refrigeration and freezing, heat pumps, and gas markets. Our compressors leverage thermal technology developed through years of experience to consistently provide high quality. We also offer a full lineup of environmentally-friendly compressors that use natural refrigerants. We have received high evaluations for gas compressors through our experience with helium, hydrogen, water vapor, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen sulfide (excluding oxygen and acetylene), and other gases in dealing with resource- and energy-related problems. MYCOM compressors are highly trusted, having been used globally for over 70 years.

Oil & Gas and Chemical


Capacity range

single stage compressor chart


Screw compressor UD-series

Long seller models with cast steel casing as standard.
Acclaimed 4x6 rotor lobes ensure optimal performance

UD-series single-stage open-type screw compressor


  • Wide capacity range
  • Operating pressure range
  • API619

Screw compressor SCV-series

Wide range models with standard cast iron casing. Variable Vi allows one machine to cover different pressure conditions.

SCV-series single-stage open-type screw compressor


  • Variable Vi mechanism (from 2.63 to 5.80 range) to efficiently cover wide temperature range
  • Offers wide range of capacities
  • Operating pressure range
  • Longtime seller

Screw compressor GH-series

High pressure models that meet API619 requirement

GH-series single-stage open-type screw compressor


  • High Pressure
  • High Efficiency
  • Operating Pressure Range
  • Standard API619

Screw compressor J-series

Newly designed compressor achieving high performance next-generation standard

J-series single-stage open-type screw compressor


  • Adoption of new-type rotor
  • Low vibration and low noise
  • Stepless capacity control from 100 to 25% range
  • Automatically variable Vi mechanism (from 2.5 to 5.0 range) to efficiently cover wide temperature range
  • API619 compliant model: 280APJ
  • Supports flange motors to facilitate design of packaged systems
  • Rich in variation

Screw compressor VR-series

Designed specifically for engine driven field gas application with integral gear box

VR-series single-stage open-type screw compressor


  • Gear change, regardless of engine speed
  • Standard features that are perfect for natural gas field
  • Optional features

Compound two-stage

Capacity range

single stage compressor chart-1


Screw compressor C-series

Two stage compressors compounded in one casing for single driver and single lube system to cut down space requirement and cost

C-series two-stage open-type screw compressor


  • Efficient two stage compression done in single compressor for high compression ratio
  • Wide range lineup
  • Operating pressure range
  • API619

Beer plant and Chemical

Water vapor compressor VRC-series

Reduce the amount of steam used by collecting, recompressing, and reusing distilled steam

water-vapor-compressor vrc series


  • Energy recovery with high efficiency
  • Corrosion resistant rotor
  • Desinged to handle fluctuations in load and operating conditions
  • Wide range of partial load operations

For parts replacement and repair of MYCOM compressor, only use MYCOM OEM parts

Owners are cautioned to ensure that the only MYCOM OEM parts are used when carrying out overhauls or repairs on MYCOM compressors.

Compressor parts

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