Manufacturer of reciprocating and screw compressors and refrigeration systems

Our vision is to become the "Only One" in the industry.

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MAYEKAWA Product Applications

MAYEKAWA can be found in systems and products in various industries.

fishing boat unloading tuna at harbor pier

MAYEKAWA's cooling technology for delivering “fresh” deliciousness from the sea and land to everywhere

dinner party with family and friends

MAYEKAWA'S highly efficient solutions for ensuring safe, high-quality food processing and production

woman enjoying beer and good company

MAYEKAWA's Solutions for designing optimal energy supply systems

engineer at work

MAYEKAWA supports the compression of various gases and cooling and liquefaction for various processes

hockey player celebrating

Realize sports and leisure activities in both hot and cold environments with MAYEKAWA

Used extensively by clients around the world, MYCOM boasts proof of trust.

As a leading manufacturer of industrial compressors, we supply high-quality, durable and manageable compressors to industrial refrigeration/freezing, heat pump, and oil and gas markets around the globe.

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mycom V-series screw compressor

We offer a variety of automated deboning machines that meet high quality and high yield.

Mayekawa has been commercialized as a robot by automating the deboning process. This was a challenge to new technologies that have never been developed, such as robotic handling of irregularly-shaped soft objects.

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Mayekawa Blog

Information about our products, event reports, and activities.

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