September 26, 2022

USA, Canada

Mayekawa Europe Received Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere

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Mayekawa Europe has received the Natural Refrigerants Label from ATMOsphere, a global market accelerator of clean cooling and heating solutions, and publisher of

ATMOsphere (formerly shecco) launched the label in June as a global gold standard highlighting best-in-class manufacturers of natural refrigerant systems and components around the world.

The label is designed to help end users identify best-in-class suppliers. Also to help qualified manufacturers to market products to new customers and in new regions.

We are honored to be recognized by ATMOsphere as a best-in-class manufacturer of natural refrigeration solutions.

Mayekawa has a long history of developing and manufacturing products and systems utilizing natural refrigerants. We refer to this approach as the NATURAL FIVE, five natural refrigerants; ammonia/NH3 (R717), CO2 (R744), hydrocarbons, water and air.

These natural refrigerants are applied in heating, drying, hot water supply, air conditioning, cooling, chilling and freezing over a multitude of temperatures from 200℃ (392F) to -100℃ (-148F).

The use of natural refrigerant technologies and energy-efficient solutions has been and will remain Mayekawa's top priority. We strongly believe that natural refrigerants are the future of our industry. The ATMOsphere label is a recognition of our efforts toward a more sustainable world.