Automating the chicken processing process makes the plant more efficient and worker friendly, and improved product quality.

Client Data

Poultry processing
Number of processing birds:
300,000 birds/day
Production system:
2-shift work


To satisfy the quality requirements of trading houses and protect workers’ health

Since the latter half of the 1990s, the company has produced manually deboned chicken legs for export to Japan. The shape and quality required by Japanese trading houses were hard in condition having high worker turnover, who engaged in deboning. Under such a situation, it was difficult to maintain a certain level of quality. In addition, with avian influenza outbreak, it was decided to automate the deboning line of chicken whole legs in order to deal with the increasing demand for uncontaminated Brazilian chicken legs in Japan and the law protecting the health of Brazilian workers.

Production lines installed TORIDAS


Mayekawa's automation solution

The TORIDAS can process 1,000 whole chicken legs per hour. Therefore, we have installed 12 units of TORIDAS and 1 unit of auto loader in accordance with the production time and the number of processing birds in this plant. Engineering was also carried out, including changing the layouts of the production line in accordance with the TORIDAS, and the production line of chicken leg was automated.

Additionally installed 2 units of TORIDAS


To make a plant with stable chicken legs quality that is worker friendly

TORIDAS is the deboning robot that processes 90% of Japanese chicken whole legs. By processing bone-in legs with TORIDAS, the quality of deboned chicken legs is stabilized, and they are also able to supply the same shape and quality as required by Japanese trading houses. Previously, there were 67 workers on the production line for chicken legs, but the number could be reduced to 22. In addition, 2 units of TORIDAS have been installed since then. Not only the deboning robots, but also screw compressors for carton freezers to freeze boxed chicken legs. This customer is now considering the installation of additional TORIDAS units to increase production and make the plant even more worker friendly.

Additionally installed screw units for carton freezers

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